Ann Feutrill (Ian Ferguson)

Hello dear she says, giving me a lovely, lovely gentle hug – what a gorgeous lady, inside and out, although she says not really at the end. She explains the end of life bit is nonsense she didn’t like it at all and to see you in so much pain upset her. She loves that you chose this picture really loves it, she says she always liked to look her best for you.

Now you are staying way too still, I’m gone she says but I’m not blind. It’s time you were enjoying yourself again please. Enjoy for both of us, you can do this.

I’m OK – I’ve met quite a few of the old rellies and actually quite enjoyed it. She says she was glad she slipped away, no pain at the end, nothing, just slipped away, says it was easy. Then, well, this whole world opened up for her where she could see everything and do anything and that’s what she wants for you. Please live, keep living and love everyone for me and never stop talking about me, I’m always listening, always.

All my love A xxx