Ann Park (Alana Rosenzweig)

Hello she says, so super excited at having won this for you. She loves that you chose this picture, she says how healthy she looks here. Your Mum was full of life and loved giving. She had a smile for everyone even when things were rough. At the end she still did her best to smile. She asks that you stop being sad please, you’ll get wrinkles!

Well how am I? Settling in I suppose, getting on with things, talking to my Dad and your Dad of course lols I’m missing so much, yet seeing everything. You are doing fine, stop being so hard on yourself please or I’ll haunt you!!!

I miss my life but not the ailments or life headaches. Now as for babies I get to meet them all before you do so no need to wish because I meet them before you do. There are a few babies she promises to let go of and send them to you all. Oh, you just couldn’t have picked a better picture, thank you so much, sums me up to a T and it was a great night there.

Now get on with your career too, no stopping and putting excuses in the way, just get it moving, yes I’m watching everything! Love to you all and I’ll chat again…… P.S. Yes to the butterflies and rainbow you saw and the little bird that chirps so loudly. She also has a cat with her that belongs to someone close. Keep smiling it’ll keep you going. XXX