Anne Jarrett (Linda Calvi)

Oh she says, I loved that jacket thank you, but not as much as I loved the little man that’s around now he’s gorgeous!

So how are you all doing without me? Well I’ll tell you, GREAT I watch you all with pride and tears in my eyes. I miss you all just as much as you miss me yes, but life goes on. Someone’s moved house she says, she’s really glad, it was time.

She says she looked good at the end thanks to you and it wasn’t an easy task she knows. Please kiss her grandchildren and thank them for always remembering her, it makes her so proud and happy. I feel like someone got a great report recently and she says well done!

So now, you need some TLC, go out, get your nails done, have a massage, a facial and just imagine I’m there with you, because I am – OK.

She feels like a very organised and structured lady and would love you to be more like her (she can’t believe I wrote that) I feel like your Dad or her husband is still around and she sits with him all the time so don’t worry so much (even if there is too much dust)

Right she says best go lots of children to teach today, she says to tell you she hangs out with all the little kids and loves it.

All my love Mum xxx