Anthony Bruno (Anne Zaltron)

Merry Christmas Mum, you didn’t think I’d let that go by did you?!

He made me work out that he died just 4 days after his 18th! Maths wasn’t his strong point as he made me use a calculator. Mum I’m OK, stop worrying, it’s time to worry about you and Dad and everyone else. I’m OK. I’m sad coz I miss you all but I’m doing OK – you need to as well.

You told me to give everything a go and I did and some things worked out and others didn’t. So now I’m here (he sighs) I’m OK, I know a lot more why it had to happen now that it has and yeah ‘the firsts’ suck to everyone but honestly I see you more now and I get to travel with you and you don’t have to pay.

So ‘keep living’ is my Christmas message to you. Mum please, please, please keep living. Mum it’s really important to me. Thank you for all you did and all you are doing. Mum “I love you” sorry I couldn’t hang around longer. Make sure Dad knows too (and his sister etc etc etc he says)

Oh also he says the memorial idea is great but make sure the music is loud and my favourite X