Anthony (Tony) Garvin

My Dads passing is still raw and painful but i couldn’t pass the opportunity to submit this photo it was the last one we had together. He passed two weeks later. Miss you every day dad x.

“Well well well, what a turn up for the books this is – it’s like winning the lotto” (and he laughs). He sounds like he has a very chesty cough and I know he has a very good sense of humour – liked to laugh – when you were younger you had to behave (and he laughs again).
He says “just like the garden blooms every year, life has to go on” – he knows how much you miss him but it’s OK to live as well, it’s what he wants – he wants to watch you get on with your life, he wants to see you laughing. He says someone is on anti-depressants, it’s OK for a short time but not long term – long term they need to talk about things so they can move on. He blows you a kiss and says “now go outside and have fun” Love Dad, he says “OK yes give her a cross for a X from me