John Slater (Antonella Cali)

He’s been reminding me for a few days now that he wants to say “Hi” and stop the tears, “I’m ok – it had to happen eventually, yes it was quicker than we thought but its ok.

I feel like I have a cough at the back of my throat like something was irritating my throat. “Life isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be but that’s ok at least it’s life. I left good stuff and bad stuff but I honestly did the best I could. I loved my wife and family and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

Now at the moment you need strength so who better to offer you that than me he says. When you all think of me I’m there, I hear you talking about me (he laughs) its all good – I’m not going anywhere but keep looking after each other and ‘me grandkids’ and I’ll keep ‘spying’ on  ya he laughs.( He is making jokes about how this works.) So thank you for keeping me with you all I’m grateful for everything truly I am and I’m OK! XXXX”