Antonia Meduri (Rebecca Tedesco)

She loves this picture. She looks so good. She felt great.

There’s been a lot of coming and going this year and lots to sort out. Lots of tears and lots of change. Luckily there have been many laughs too and she’s glad about that.

Now she knows she hasn’t been the easiest of people and she did like things her way. It wasn’t always best but thank you to you all, for all the effort you went to and all the trying. It means a lot to her.

This will be the first Christmas without her but of course her legacy lives on so she will still be there, she knows that.

You are so like her, she loves it. You even have some mannerisms like her too.

Enjoy all she left behind and keep it safe. Teach your children what she taught you and you won’t go wrong.

Thanks for all you did, she said. And thanks for looking after your Dad. You’ll know what she means.

Keep singing and dancing, she loves it.

All my love. Merry Christmas to you all and thank you. XX