Antonio Crisa (Melissa Lisswoods)

Well, surprise and Happy New Year. I hope this message brings you a bit of hope for 2022. Whilst I’m not there physically, I’m always around in your hearts and minds, I know that. Thank you for all you do for everyone, I’m grateful and you have always felt like a daughter to us all.

There are so many things I miss about my life but to be honest, I’m still recovering. I’m truly grateful for my send off, it was just what was needed and perfect for me. Please tell that son of mine to treasure you, his family and life because life doesn’t last forever and there are no second chances.

Make this year count, but it will only count if you stay in balance so that has to be your focus and put yourself first now. Keep the business booming but the home life happy. The home life has to be your priority. Well done on your award, I was so happy and proud of you. The children still see me it’s OK, I won’t upset them but I just love checking in on you all.

Happy New Year to you all XXX