Arthur Cooper (Sheila Hill)

Well pet, what’s been keeping you, your tossing and turning lass. I know why we all do and it’s an awful thing lass, it truly is. I promise we’ll take good care of him, but you my love, you have to keep living, you’ve got the Walker genes, you’ll be around a lang time, just like you’re Mum.

Now Granny and me love Vivienne and Talia when they dance and giggle, they are so like you used to be many moons ago, so remember laugh and dance with them. I know you’re heart is heavy and that’s OK. You’ll be fine, just keep busy. You’ll know I’m around when the flowers are out. Oh I love your flowers there and no greenhouses needed. Look after you, everyone will be OK, you have got each other and more.

So if you can imagine what I can see now and how proud I am, you’ll know what he has to look forward to. Mum’s waiting for him, he doesn’t need to worry any more. You’ll get peace and quiet and he laughs gently. I feel his love, his warmth, his caring energy. His love for you is very deep and the tears in his eyes are loving. Your always Pop X