Arthur Duncan Hurst (June Hughes)

Now that is a smashing picture, thank you, I’m so glad it’s still around and now it’s on the internet.

He sounds a bit wheezy and there is tightness in his chest – he wants you to know he didn’t feel he suffered at all – he’d like to have lived a lot longer but well, at least he lived.

He’s just worked out it’s been 21 years give or take since he left you all and well, so much has happened he hardly recognises things but to see you put him on here, well he’s honoured.

What a nice man, quiet but fun and honest – he wants you to know he’s not alone, there are plenty of people keeping him company now and he loves it.

Your house looks different and he loves that. You deserve it. He’s lost count of grandkids and great grandkids now, he laughs. He wants me to remind you to smile more, he says your whole face lights up when you do and you know you’ll meet again, so chin up. Keep living then you can tell me all about it one day. Miss you, love Dad.