Arthur James Ball



Well I’ve been bugging Alice for a while now but the last 3 days she’s not had any rest – sorry Alice he says and laughs.

He wants to pop in and remind you he’s not far away, he’s right there always when you need him and miss him. He says there have been a number of health issues surrounding you of late and he’s sorry he’s not been there but he promises he’s doing what he can from the other side – honest he is and he laughs.

He feels so light and full of life, like it’s the rest he always needed! He’s telling me you need this rest too. It’s time to give back to you, stop living for others, live for you. Then you’ll have more to give others – “good advice huh”! He says wisdom does come with old age and you know exactly what you need to do, so get on with it, stop talking about it, start doing it.

He adds in, “Oh and Happy Christmas, now you’ve let me be bossy for a change. My love always”

Dad XX



As I made his picture bigger he says “that’s better, you can see me now can’t you!”  Arthur comes across as a real gentle-man but he has a bit of a cheeky sense of humour underneath a dry sense of humour. He was and is amazed at how well remembered he was and still is – “Thank you”. I feel uncomfortable trying to get a breath at the end – he says, “it was OK, it was quick”. He still potters in the garden but so wishes you would ‘dead head’ more often – he could be being sarcastic. He says technology is amazing but it wasn’t his thing – I have a real sick feeling like he might’ve passed with cancer. He is with so many people here, how could he possibly be lonely? “Thank you for missing me/remembering me and loving me so much – you’re a diamond, “ ‘Till we meet again Dad”. He wants to put kisses because he has watched others doing that but it’s not what he would’ve done when he was living x.