Barbara Grewer (Megan Prout)

She loves this photo almost as much as you do and she still says you are beautiful inside and out. She’s been reunited with so many people, she says it’s remarkable and it would blow your mind who’s here.

The blue she is wearing ‘is’ her favourite colour. She’s grateful everyone remembers so much about her. She just got older and her body shut down, it’s a shame but it happens.

She’s left a loving family behind and she’s glad she was a part of it. She saw so much in her life but still not enough. She’s encouraging you to keep getting out there and putting yourself everywhere and travel, travel, travel because what you see, she’s sees too. Not a moment goes by when she doesn’t miss you and think of you all. Her funeral was wonderful, just her to a ‘T’ – thank you all from my heart for such an amazing send off.

P.S. She met her Dad and she begins to tear up when she tells me that. She missed him and Grandad so much.

Happy Christmas, my love always

Nan XX