Beatrice Cooper (Sheila Hill)

Well who would’ve thought this would happen. Oor Nell, well she’s as proud as punch. This is a rare photograph, we were so happy. I was a tyrant, yes I was, I liked things done right. I think I could’ve been softer, especially when you needed me, I’m sorry. But you did look after me, oh you did a great job and I know you’re heart broke when you couldn’t do it any more but you knew it’s what I would’ve wanted.

Oh when I saw Arthur again, both of them, it was like all the loneliness disappeared. We love you lass but you have to keep your chin up. There’s still things to look forward to. You know we are there and that’s fine, it’s pretty busy here and lots of chatting. Right now though you need to keep chatting there.

It’s been a tough year we know that but it’s almost over now. You are like both of us, your Dad loved/loves you something rotten and we were proud of you and how hard you tried. We can all do things differently when we look back. Thanks for the photos, we hear you talking to us all the time and when the time’s right you’ll be able to join us but until then you keep making the most of what you do have.

Dennis is fine, he never leaves your side. He’s a good man. Arthur misses you all, Jack is fine and Chic is happy to be with Helen. Oor Alice is looking after oor Sheila. My Mum watches over you, you are very like her, more than you know, as is your Alice. She’s a special bairn, remember that. Look after your tummy, eat well!

Love always

Mum and Dad XX