Becki Curyer (Meika Curyer)

Well, well, well, I’m finally early and first, who knew? I feel like I’ve been waiting ages here, it’s a great place to hang out, she laughs.

I was too young, you’re right, way too young and it’s not fair really but I actually can’t complain, it’s cheap to live here – more laughter. When she passed, it went all dark but she could hear everything that was being said and explained to you all. It was very weird, it was like I was literally stuck in time, then it got really, really hot and really, really bright and the noises were much softer and really caring.

She’s showing me her Grandma, this was a huge deal, to see her again! I really am grateful for all you did for me, thank you so, so much. I know it wasn’t easy. I know you’re still struggling but I promise you’ll get through it. I get to bug you even more now really. Anyway, no virus jokes, I promise.

Have a great Christmas and I hear you all the time, keep talking to me, love you X