Benny (Kylie Eames)

You found me! He is always smiling, he was such a good laugh, he had a kind laugh, he didn’t take any (sh1t) nonsense. It’s very, very early days, you all need time to get over the shock, everyone does, even him. He is happy with the mates he had. Life is a process he said, remember that and you are too impatient. You have to let the dust settle, but anything you guys choose to do is up to you – if you’re happy he’s happy. All he knows now is how much he was loved and how much more you would all do for me if I needed it and he’s cool with that. He says “I love you babe” stop doubting me we got on fine, we’re both a bit stubborn but we always got there in the end. (the full reading is available on my facebook group Ask Us in the live video of Monday 15th Oct 2018)