Tony Fox (Bernedeen Denton)

He says phew you found me, no one really called me Anthony- well unless I was bad ha ha ha.he has a huge laugh, quite explosive that he keeps for family ha ha ha. Yes of course he still laughs in spirit why wouldn’t he? You know I was a brother before I was an Uncle. I want to say you have the same smile but somethings stopping me. I feel maybe your smile has gone a little since he died. Well he says “bring it back”. He says I’m smiling all the time everyday why not? You are letting things get on top of you when you don’t need to, he shows you 11.11 so you know I’m there, hell I even slam doors!! Yes I’m still being annoying because I love you, I love you all – you were there for me and I want to remind you how grateful I am and that I am here for you whenever you need it.  Please be happy do not spend the next 40 years being sad or unhappy that’s not what you signed up for so go go go.

All my love and laughs Tony xxx

PS I want to talk all day…..