Beverley (Bev) Jones (Suzanne Jones)

She is thrilled I have picked her out. She loves this picture. She says she looks so well.

Now, now – you have to stop worrying and fretting dear, things have a wonderful way of working out, not always as we think but always as we need them to. She has made me look at the date just to show me it’s just over a year since she passed. She knows it’s still heavy on your heart some days but she wants you to know she’s ‘happy’. She has so many people to get reacquainted with, it’s been lovely.

She tells me to tell you, “you aren’t to worry about how things ended”. She did pass peacefully and that’s all that matters, never forget that. She’s with her Dad and her husband and that brings her so much happiness and she wants you to be happy about that too.

Please enjoy this Christmas, last year was hard but this year you have no excuse XX

I loved Christmas so please enjoy it for me.

Love you with all of my heart,

Mum X