Beverley Furniss (Desleigh Heward)

“oh” she says is it my turn, is it me? Good. She feels like she has finally got a lot to say, and this 5 minutes won’t cut it! So for now, you all did me proud and I couldn’t be happier, thank you still too much but thank you. I feel out of breath but very matter of fact, and it had to happen eventually. She’s happy with her Dad again, and Oh my Dad the stories we’ve told and she laughs. Someone around her has terrible hayfever , she feels for them and sorry she can’t help now.

So remember cherish every minute, get on with your life, I’m not going anywhere just yet, we’ll wait for you don’t worry. Just look after your joints please and do it now, don’t wait like I did.

I feel like she is worried about a man she left behind, she loved him so much and the love isn’t going anywhere! Happy Christmas enjoy your turkey and she laughs Love MumX