Colleen Jeanes (Bishop Jeanes)

Well, Well, my daughter did this didn’t she, couldn’t let me rest – she feels full of life, really full of energy. I feel like she passed with cancer or is with someone close who passed with cancer. “it was a big deal” but you did great you really did, she says “well done” you didn’t fall apart after all 🙂

Now 2017,18 and 19 let me tell you, you have your work cut out for you but it’s nothing compared to what you’ve done already, you’re ready for it and you’ll be “fine.”

Yes of course I miss you all more than you can imagine but yes life does go on doesn’t it, and you have a long time to go before you get to join me, so best make it count.

She’s making me really tired (you’re tired) you are needing to slow down, put your feet up, don’t sweat the small stuff, focus on what you “do” – love and enjoy and watch everything change. No more tears I’m all good and watching you all and yes you do know when I am around, you are right.

Happy Christmas it will be better than you are expecting I promise. Light a candle for me and set a place, I’ll be there! Love Mum xxxxx