Brenda Narroway nee Viant (Meridee Narroway)

Oh my Angel, it’s such early, early days. Christmas will always be my favourite time of year always, always and you’ll need to keep it alive for me. I had to go, my body was struggling, it wasn’t fair to anyone to keep pushing so hard. I’m resting, I need to but I’m slowly finding my feet and you will too.

Grief is hard, you need each other. You also don’t have to rush to do anything, there is plenty of time for everything to be sorted. The most important thing right now is to keep breathing.

She keeps talking about a snowman, almost like it will be her obvious sign for you to remember her. Please also remember 11.11 is the easiest way for your Mum to let you know she’s around especially in these early days. She crossed over quickly in the end and easily but is still a bit shocked she’s gone. Her heart aches as yours does but please look for a snowman every year and everywhere.

Tell my entire family and friends, thank you for all you’re doing.

She blows a kiss and loves you so much.