Brendan Paul Jepson (Sandra Jepson)

He liked his food. I feel like I’ve had the wind knocked out of me and it wasn’t intentional. I feel lost somehow. He says my Mum misses me, I know that. He’s not a big talker but he does love you and it kills him when you are so upset. He gets it but it’s hard for all of you. He definitely learned his lessons fast and he’s OK. He likes where you live and he loves seeing you smile, please try more often. He’s making a reference to a tattoo and coughs. He’s pleased and surprised.

He says Gran says, “Hello” and “not to worry”, he’s keeping everyone on their toes. He was shy and confident, a real combination, a real battle in his head some days. He was too young to go but then he doesn’t need to worry about getting there on top! He can keep his hair now!

Happy Christmas everyone and thanks for putting me on here, I appreciate it Mum.

Love you XXXX