Brendan Gillies (Ainslie Gilles Patel)

He feels more excited about the technology I’m using than the fact I can actually hear him! Sorry sis, OK back to you! I’m really OK, still gutted I had to leave but really OK. Life’s busy I see, yet I am always in your thoughts. I love it and you are always in mine. Are you enjoying the ‘11.11’ I keep sending you? I will stop at nothing to let you all know I am still there for you. I had to be 1st Dec, of course I did, always competitive you know me.

There is so much I miss and yet there is so much going on here too. I’m happy with who’s here for the time being so don’t go sending anyone else to me, stay healthy there won’t you!

Wish everyone a happy Christmas for me please, and as always throw another shrimp on the Bar-B for me (he’s laughing coz he didn’t think I’d write that!) Seriously I know I’m such a joker but I am OK and you need to be too! Please for me.

Merry Christmas, love you all so much and thank you for always including me. BTW great pic, I love it. I was happy then and now I’m content, honest XXX