Bridget Vaudrien (Rebecca Vaudrien)

Oh Mum, my hair looks great in this picture, thank you for using this one.

I miss you all so, so, so much but I promise I am being really well looked after here. You need to take care of you too Mum, I’m OK, honest I am. I just miss you all as much as you miss me. Please do whatever is right for the family with my room, it’s OK, let’s face it, I don’t need it anymore.

There are times when I wish I’d been braver or had more confidence. Please make sure you all continue to live life to the full because I will be right there beside you all, enjoying every minute with you. There were definitely 2 sides to me, I could be shy and I could be annoying – hmmm I wonder who I took after?

Anyway please keep talking to me, I’m always listening and yes, of course the signs are from me. I keep trying all the time so never doubt it.

Happy Birthday Mum, sorry I’ve missed it again.

Love you with all my heart XXX, Dad too X