Brigitte Kalling (Cobi)

Hello, she says and she’s laughing that I enlarged the picture to see her even closer. She likes pancakes and so do you mind you. She made sure I looked at the date, she passed 3/3/23. She thinks it’s a really good number.

She wants you to know that she feels much better now and any worries have just gone. She wants you to put everything behind you and celebrate Christmas like she would but not too much food and she winks. The firsts are so hard but they get easier. You will always feel her around she promises.

You apparently have a necklace or a ring or someone does. She’s saying to get it cleaned and checked before you wear it. Thank you for putting me here, she says it’s very modern and she promises she’ll talk again.

Merry Christmas, save me a mince pie and a place at the table.

Love, yer old Gran XXX