Bryan Cormick (Karen Cormick)

Oh he says, making my photo that big you’ll not need your glasses and he laughs. He could be a little intense when he got onto a subject he liked talking about. He liked to share his views as he puts it. He was relatively strict when you were young but you could still wrap him around your little finger. He misses you all so much, there was still so much to say, so much to do, he says. He still had so many places to visit so how about you make sure you see them all. He’s just flashed New Zealand in front of me like that was somewhere important to him or somewhere he wanted to go to. You’ve all done well and grown so much which is what families are supposed to do so he’s grateful for his small part to play.
Someone could be doing more gardening as they have really good soil but they are just not making the most of it. Remember please, life is for living. He says you have a decision right now going on, just follow your heart, never mind your head, it always gets in the way. He’s definitely not alone, there is plenty keeping him busy here so it’s OK to miss him but stay busy and you’ll be fine. There’s something you’re frightened about or afraid of – he says to tell you he’s right beside you and you’ll be OK. The journey is worse than the destination. He asks you to give his love to everyone – he mentions a brother briefly?

All my love your old Dad xxx