Freda Peacock (Carli Clark)

Well isn’t this a nice idea, I’m all modern, lovely.

She misses her beautiful garden – she comments mine doesn’t have a lot of colour where I’m looking right now!

She liked a lot of colour, she wants your Mum to know she looked great in her coffin so don’t worry on what she thought, she thought it was perfect  – well done!

She says “I never meddled in anyone business but I liked to know what was going on” “I had a good life and was loved and cherished. I mean really what more do you need” She is glad all the messy stuff got sorted, I just wanted you all to remember me well and you did and do, thank you!

Now I’ve always been there for you so why would I let a little silly think like death stop that, I’m in the birds, the trees, the butterflies, spring growth and autumn sun – I’ll always be there. Love to all and remember if your loved and cherished you’ve done a good job. All my love Nan XXX