Rita Tyrer (Carolyn Tyrer)

Now Rita had lovely handwriting and wrote in a perfect straight line, being tidy and organised was really important to her. Sometimes she turns a blind eye, well you are a busy, busy lady. She thanks you for taking her with you always. She wants you to know you are always in her heart and she knows she is in yours. Keep pushing and keep living, even the times when it feels like it’s all up hill keep going, you are doing great. I keep feeling like you are moving house or considering it, the move will not only do you good but it will be a bit cooler too and Oh it is a lovely house, she loves it! She says she still looks and laughs, there are plenty of people here to enjoy it and she likes that.

Thank you for always honouring me, never a day goes by when you don’t think about us, so know we are right there with you. Thank you

Well enough rambling take care special lady, we love you lots XX