Peter Tyrer (Carolyn Tyrer)

Oh thank you for hearing me he says – I’ve been trying all morning, my sister will love this, truly she will, its right up her alley so thank you. Look I’ve got Mum and we’re fine, you have to stop worrying about us 🙂 we’re ok it was good really that we were so close, who else would I listen to – but no not good for you sorry! 

Well its pretty much like you’d imagine here ”you” not me 🙂 but you would imagine. Now you are doing too much, slow it down a bit please – the work will keep coming with you going crazy. He’s making me feel like he was somehow trapped at the end and not able to get a breath – he says in the end it was all over quickly and he didn’t suffer – honest!

He said he wanted to give you something to look forward to, a reason to smile this Christmas again – We are all fine and always around you. Mum still tells me what a beautiful daughter you are, like I need reminding. Thank you for looking after the family it means a lot to me, it really does so, thank you.

Mum says to tell you she’s busy and so happy to have her energy back. Old age is a terrible thing but you are doing really well aren’t you, must be all the pills and potions you take and she chuckles .

Now she has just shown me chickens? She still misses fresh eggs?!

Anyway from all your family in spirit you are being told to please – only remember the good times, Happy Christmas to you all!  XXXXX