Casey MacIntyre (Alissa Elliott)

“Oh wow! You saw me. Yay! That was quick, thank you. I love this picture, thank you. I didn’t suffer, honestly, I didn’t. I guess losing you all makes me suffer more but I’m not suffering”, she laughs. “See, even dead I’m indesicive”. Spelling was not her forte.

“Every time you look at my picture please just imagine me smiling at you. I know it’s hard but I am smiling, I promise”.

“Although it has only been a very short space of time so much has changed for you all already. I have been watching and doing my best to support you as much as I can, which is heaps, honest. And FYI, I cry when you cry and laugh when you do”.

She shows me someone will be travelling. She is very excited about that, very excited. They will have a ball.

“I’m sorry I let you all down and left but it’s only my body that’s gone. My soul is around you all, all the time. Look for the rainbows everywhere, that’s where I am. I love coming into all your dreams. I get to hug you all just one more time.

Please have a great Christmas and have a drink for me (Cocktail)

Lots of love,

Casey x