Casey Quinn (Sandra)

As soon as I sat down to look at who was up today on the Wall her picture was enlarged and in my face which hasn’t happened before, so Casey is really keen to say, “Hello”.

She feels much freer and happier and balanced and actually altogether healthier. Yes she knows she was young and she could’ve made different choices but she gets to try again and is happy with that. Now Aunty, she says, “Why are you so sad all the time, you used to be full of life and you’re now so filled with heaviness. How about you write a list of all the things you love doing! How many of them are you actually doing?! Not many. You need to have a rest and a really, really exciting holiday where you can just shut off the world for 2 weeks. Why not?”!!

Please just take a little time out to reset your batteries then you will achieve so much more. She’s sending you so much love and gratitude for being the best Aunty ever XX