Maureen Absolom (Cassie Absolom)

Hello Hello – well my loves its sunny its always sunny here and I love it, I want to say here and now for the record – I miss you all so much and I love you all so much, you were all so sad when I left and for the first time in my life I couldn’t make it better so I truly hope this helps. I haven’t missed a trick, please stop thinking of me and my last days (especially to her youngest daughter) we all have to die someway, that was my way ha ha ha she laughs Frank Sinatra “I did it my way” Your Mum makes me feel she was the life and soul of the family but you have to keep doing what she taught you and keep doing it your way, she’s with you every single day – but she is kept busy with her own Mum – yakking and catching up – Ha ha ha – it’s been a surprising journey for her, life, death and afterlife they all have their own challenges but every journey is worth it remember that. No matter the outcome it’s the journey that counts. Can you all remember that right now please! Ok she says I’ll sign off for now but remember that voice in your head is still mine, Thank you all, my love is your love Mum X