John Beach (Cassie Gallagher)

It’s not too often that I am drawn to both people on the same page one after another but John wasn’t a man to push himself forward unless your Nana was behind him. He misses her and their life as much as she does, its funny he says all the worries, pains etc they all just disappear, they really don’t matter, all that matters is the love, the love shared, the love you had, the way you were loved and “oh boy” was I loved – please tell your Nana how much I still love her, she will always be the love of my life no matter what, even death doesn’t take that away – it was the one thing I was scared of losing was her love – Thank You – I know she’ll cry but “Merry Christmas my love” – see you when I see you but I’ll be holding your hand on Christmas Eve Xx