Joan Luxmore (Catherine Walker)

What a great picture to send in, thank you she says. Well it’s been a long time, you’re all grown up  and moved on and life keeps going. Yet I am always in your thoughts thank you. You have done a great job without me. I know you would’ve liked it more if I was around but I’ve been watching, you’re doing OK. She says she has a granddaughter who is very like her and she loves that.

She makes me feel there is still lots of music in the house and she’s glad about that and someone (female) has a lovely voice she loves listening to.

There are a few hiccups right now but you’ll get through it you always do lovely. She wants to give Dad a kiss and asks you to give him a thought too. She makes me feel someone close is considering moving house and she approves. Well she has to go but she never leaves you, remember that, well done love you Mumxxx