Cecilia Drallini (Rosanna Drallini)

Well this is new to me! What a nice picture, shame I’m wrinkly, you don’t realise how much until you look back at photographs. She is a very proud lady, gentle yet no messing with her. She felt very dignified when she passed and was very grateful for everything that was done for her.

Now back to photographs….Please take your time to look through them all and decide what you would like to keep. There will be plenty people to tell you who’s who but just make sure to do it, together, it’s important to me.

She’s laughing about how it was such a waste of a beautiful dress when she was laid to rest. She appears to be missing a dog, she’s excited by mine. She would very much like there to be celebrations when her year anniversary comes around please, minimal tears, maximum joy.

She misses her home, she loved her house, such a shame we can’t take anything with us, not even the body and she laughs, just as well really. Death is painless, relaxing and hugely rewarding yet we still, still grieve just like you do. Thank you for always being there and for doing this. Much love X