Charlie Stevens (Kelly Stevens)

“Mummy, you’re interrupting me. I’m playing a game with Gramma”. (I think it’s your grandma but it’s not really grandma, he can’t pronounce it) “We play hide and seek, I always win. I’m playing it with you too.  It’s just going to take a while ’til you find me again, but you will, I promise”.

He sounds like he has a lisp. Not bad, just really cute.  He has a dog with him who’s his best friend in the whole world now.  He wants to know why you are so sad? You know he’s around and just hiding. He suggests you are all going on holiday and says he’ll get there first.

He is so active. Never sits still for a minute. Always on the go. “When you and Daddy are asleep I jump on your bed” and he giggles. “I can sneak into the fridge too”. I feel like he liked milk or would love a chocolate milk.

Nothing hurts, he promises. He shows me he often is standing on the opposite side and holds your other hand, always when crossing the road. “Oh, oh, he says, play crossy roads, you’ll love it”!

He wants you to know that the big house is a gift from him when it comes and you’ll love it.

“Ok, I’m off down the slide”.

“Love youuuuuuuuuuuuu”.