Charlotte Elizabeth Hammond (Emma Berkowitz)

Hi Em,well I think you all did exactly what I told you not to do (she laughs), seriously you are OK.I’m fine, settled in well with the locals accepting what is – of course it sucks being this removed from you all but you know what – “it’s a lie”. I am so much closer than you all think – you think of me and “poof”, like a genie I’m there,in your thoughts, in your mind – helping, guiding, supporting you. I’ve got Grandma telling me what to do so I’m being kept on my toes! I miss you and grieve for you too but I’m OK – I promise I’m OK – so please be OK too! You have so much still to do with your life and i will still be there every step of the way. Give my love and hugs to the boys and (she pauses and breathes deeply) Mum. All my love C.

Feedback: Hi Alice, thank you thank you! So wonderful to get Charlotte’s message, glad she’s with Grandma, she died after Charlotte, only last year, they always got on well! The last words, sending hug to mum was so Charlotte, in the hospice, she was not conscious for several days, but on last day she spoke her final ever words were “hello mum” when she heard mum, with all the people in ones life, you never quite bond like you do with your mum!! Again thank you so much, it’s been a tough three years! One other thing, I was on train when I read message, when I got up after reading it there was a 10 cent coin on top of my laptop bag, not sure how it got there, but it’s going to be my lucky coin from Charlotte xxx