Chris Tasevski (Maggie Kociski)

Well, well, well – guess I was wrong, it doesn’t all end now does it? I have a sharp pain in my head and feel very, very unwell with cancer, perhaps it started with the bowel or it spread there but I really feel unwell at the end.

He made me study his dates, he just missed his 60th birthday  but you all still celebrated for him and he’s glad. This is very early days – the first Christmas will be hard for everyone. He is very upset he had so much to live for and is urging me to tell everyone to get fit and look after your body – you only get one and so many of us abuse it so easily. So give yourself a chance, be healthy inside and out now. He knows it’s too late for him but if he can help you all who’s left behind to eat well, smoke less and cut out the ‘drink (grog)’. Then please listen to me. I don’t want anyone else joining me just yet OK. Now I’ll still be there at Christmas and you’ll be missing me as much as I’m missing you. I know. I feel so sad writing this but my goodness it’s only been 7 weeks (I just worked it out).

He’s totally pain-free but he’s still getting used to what to do now, he liked being busy and yet also time alone and apparently it’s no different but he misses the cheek, the humour, the arguments but mostly the love. He loves you all, yes all of you, warts and all – thank you all for being there, I’m not worried who was and who wasn’t there, I know I was loved and taken care of and I’m OK. Please, please, please have a happy Christmas and toast a cheeky one for me.

Love Dad XXX