Christine Barrett (Ranae Barrett)

Yes you were right, this is the best pic ever – she did (Alice) notice my smile.

Thank you for putting me on here – I feel honoured. She feels like she passed with cancer, I feel unwell but it was quite quick thankfully. She’s glad she didn’t have to worry too much about too many wrinkles.

She tells me you are tired at the moment and a bit sad. Well, everyday is a new adventure and even the tough days can be fun and full of learning, you just need the right attitude. So start every day with a smile, that’s all you have to do, then every step – make it a positive one. Any negativity around you sticks to you like glue so please change the circumstance, change the job, surroundings, something, anything, but make changes – inside. How you see things happening around you is what is going on inside of you. So time to spring clean inside and out – do it for you – you are beautiful and so worth it.

I’ll love you always,

Mum xx