Christine Deacon (Pauline)

I think this is great, hilarious. You know when you go to a cemetery you wonder don’t you? What all these people were like! Well now you know. She keeps drawing my attention to her necklace, she still loves it! Yes we all know I was too young, yes it sucks. But well, here I am, finally out the other side.

I’m very grateful you were my sister, truly I am. I’m grateful for everything you did and still do. Sorry so much of it was left to you. Doesn’t time fly? Look at the state of the world at the moment, oh my goodness I feel sorry for you. My life was short but a good one, I wasn’t a very compliant teenager, remember? I am so much more aware of things than I was before. You’re such a kind, good person, everyone said I was but wow, so are you.

It was a struggle to let go, I know it was but whenever you think of me, I’m there holding your hand, patting your back, pushing you all forward. At least you know we will meet again. I’d love to talk more, make an appointment and we’ll get a whole hour together.

Merry, Merry Christmas

“Stay cool” XXX