Christine Tamakuni (Sarah Tamakuni Keast)

Hello – my hand feels very shaky like she wasn’t very steady at the end. She loved her outings with you and loved her coffee and cake but possibly wasn’t meant to have it. What a great date to pick to go, you’ll never forget it and it’s a special number I hear.

You get to start again when you pass over but one thing I wouldn’t change was you. We had our ups and downs but you were always there for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did, I’m beyond grateful! I was so glad to see everyone again, people I haven’t seen (her own mother) for years and years. It’s so nice to feel the familiarity and feel like you belong again. Thank you for always having me in your thoughts and I’ll always help when you ask even if it’s a funny way of helping.

Apparently there are more babies to come and she’s smiling a huge smile for you. You’re to watch you don’t lose a bracelet, the catch is loose so be careful. Anyway, distracted as always,

Lots of love at Christmas time,

Mum XX