Clifford Kennedy (Babs Doogan)

Oooh do the family know?

Seriously thank you! You were my friend, we laughed, we cried, we got frustrated but you were always there and I never told you enough, sorry.

Life’s not so bad, it was pretty grim at the end I guess but yeah it’s not that bad. I’ve been waiting to talk to you for ages. Not really to say much but just to remind you you’re not alone, I’ll still bug you.

Alice is desperate to know; why the chickens but I’m keeping her guessing. He’s a joker but I can feel his heart of gold and generosity to a fault (not like the Scots and he laughs – I’m reminding him I do this for free!)

He has a great sense of humour and says you are taking life a bit too seriously at the moment. It’s time to switch gears and change things around a bit. Someone’s getting or got married recently or since he passed, he was sad he had to miss it but he was still there, it was a great day.

He tells me you’ve got some travelling to do so best you get on with it!

Happy Christmas and thanks for putting me here – famous at last eh!