Cliffy Bain (Kylie Carisbrook)

He tells me straight away he’s only doing this for you, he’s still not sure he believes but if it helps you he’ll try. Don’t expect anything too personal though!!  That’s a cute picture, he says, I certainly didn’t look like that when I died, but anyway we all know how that ended. So how’ve you been? Lots of laughs, of course I don’t need to ask that but a stranger is writing down my words (in her dressing gown!). Cliff had a great all round sense of humour, never suffered fools gladly. He says his own son has grown already and wow, you are doing such a great job (he has tears in his eyes) He’s a handful but such a joy. I feel like there may be more children with you.

Life’s not all bad, he’s glad you are moving forward, it’s healthy to do that so well done. He says ‘you know how I felt, I told you right ‘til I died and nothing’s changed. So thank you for listening ‘finally’. He flashed a small tattoo someone got and then he just laughed. Take care of you first, and let others run around you for a bit ok. Jobwise, you’ll be sweet, keep doing what you are doing for now. He says “I love the support you’ve got around you, thank her for me (it feels like he means a really good girlfriend or even his sister) See you as usual Christmas Day, oh and all the days in between too, lots of love C