Clive Stack (Natalie Stack)

I can hear his shortness of breath as he comes forward to say his hello’s. I’ve not even been gone and you still won’t leave me in peace, (he laughs).

Well what a busy year you’ve all had, glad I got out while I could. My eyesight was maybe failing but there was nothing wrong with my hearing. He loves how well taken care of he was and he’s grateful. You all did a good job on him. Now this Christmas, it will feel different but he says, ‘I’ll let you into a little secret’. I’m still right there, watching and listening and laughing at everything.

I can’t believe all the sport was cancelled, well, well, well, may be there is a first time for everything – he digresses. Now I know you miss me and that and that makes me love you even more but you’ve gotta try and keep hold of yourself this Christmas. Have a drink on me, toast me and have another serving for me (it looks like a turkey leg he means).

Give your Mum a hug for me and let her know that her Mum says Hi.

Merry Christmas X