Colin Windebank (Chantelle Windebank)

I’m wheezing as I write this, he was very short of breath at the end. He was always a hard worker a “doer”, never said no even when he was sick he’d still help others. He says I wasn’t a saint but yeah I did my best.  There was a lot of sadness when he passed he thought you’d be glad to get rid of him. He was always one to tease and joke with the grand-kids. He loved them.

He felt he was too young to die ,not sure what the Mrs will say about that, I could be a pain, but I did love my family, I really did. I loved you all and you gave me a good ‘innings’, thanks. Life is a bit up and down for you right now that’s ok, if it was calm and easy you’d be bored remember. So keep putting one foot in front of the other, left then right, there’s a lot of change happening around you, just imagine you are in the middle of it standing perfectly still and peaceful as the tornado races around you – when its passed, because it always will, then you can start moving again, left foot right foot. Keep talking to me I’m always listening. I feel unwell like he had cancer eventually but he never let it get him down, if this wasn’t him he is with someone close who did have cancer.  He’s always listening but you don’t always  trust your intuition so what’s the point in asking him when you won’t listen, he laughs! Love you all, talk soon Pop/Colin/Ratbag etc xxxx