Craig Flyger (Christine Cosgrove)

Well, oh my God, this is the most patient I’ve ever been in my life or even afterlife, he jokes. In this picture he feels like it’s an old head on young shoulders. Just like you, he says, just like you! You have to trust yourself girl, you can’t trust anyone else but you, not in a bad way but in a way that only you truly know what is best for you remember.

So, nearly 20 years for you but feels like 5 to me. I love that you still tear up when you think of me and I love that you still ask. Wonder what Dad would say? Well, I’ll let you into a little secret (he’s a real storyteller), it’s always exactly what you do, do. So you’re more like me that you think.

If you watch the sugar, the arthritis will get better, just saying………I’m so happy now the family have grown, I think there could be more happy get togethers but that’ll change. Remember, note to you all, it’s not what you say but ‘how’ you say it. He just showed me an apple, ‘oh and an apple a day keeps the doctors away’. Look at your supplements, you are a bit too acidic, you need to eat more to be balanced, alkaline in your body – check out what is more alkaline, see I’m helping.

Love you lots,

Dad X