Cynthia Joyce DiFabrizio (Anne Little)

Well, I look so young in this picture. Thank you for being so patient but I felt a bit of a fraud because I talk to you every day and you know it.

It’s Christmas again, you still keep the traditions going, it’s lovely, you do a great job. She loves the renovations you’ve done, it’s much better. Life is changing fast for you all so remember to stop and smell the roses from time to time. You don’t need to ‘do do do’ all the time. She says, have a glass of Sherry and wine for her this year.

She loves being with her Mum and Dad again but having a chat to you would be the best. Stop worrying about your health, look at whatever does work please. I love my family and how it has grown, you will always be my family and thank you for keeping me part of it.

Merry Christmas

Love to all X