Damon Brett Earl (Camille Earl)

Geez that’s a good picture – smiling and a beer thanks!  Wasn’t too ugly was I. Damon has a heart of gold and would do whatever he could for anyone, even give his last cent if it would help!

He’s sorry it ended your  fairytale (he laughs) he really is really really sorry – it wasn’t supposed to be that way.

My body feels really sick, horrible stickiness and sick. He says there was nothing to be done, he had to go. I feel like he left a little boy that’s so like you, yet you say he is so like him – so he’s like both of you. He’s left a dog too in fact – Hell he says I left my life too abruptly. You will all get through this one day at a time, remember all the firsts will be his firsts too, we’ll get through them together. I’ll hold your hand now, every step of the way. Keep smelling me (his clothes you still have and aftershave or deodorant), talking to me for as long as you need to and when you’re ready move on, I’ll still hold your hand. Be you and be awesome and crazy (like the tattoo)

Love you with all my crazy heart,

Damo XX