Daphne Gwendoline Diggs (Craig Liv Allchurch)

WOR Day 24 – Daphne Diggs –

“Oh I’m going to savour this moment. I’ve been smiling for so long and here we are, Dec 24th 2019. Merry Christmas, I hope this is a gift you didn’t see coming.

Well, Well, Well, how are we? You seem to be doing OK.

I feel sick like she passed with cancer or something yukky in my stomach. She is really keen to show you Dad (her Dad too). I love that she is so happy and content. She’s asking you to either move house or make the alterations that need to be done, get a plan together and start it and make sure it gets finished. She says you are so busy looking after everyone else you often forget about you. Well it’s time, 2020, to put you first – please.

There has been so much change since she passed but she wants to take a moment to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for all you did for her, all her life, she couldn’t have wished for more, so Thank You.

Now go, have a lovely Christmas and splurge out at the jewellers this year, she’s laughing.

Love you so much