Darren Lawson (Rhonda Lawson)

Hello beautiful, I miss you, thanks for trusting this one (Alice) she’s OK you know, knows her stuff. Well things do move on don’t they just when you thought your life was over too, it starts again. Do you know how much I loved and still do love you! Like it was yesterday, and it makes me really proud how you have all grown and kept going, well done.

Told you money would be ok.

Alice is noticing my kind eyes, like you always did – I was so lucky to have you for the time I did and we had fun and arguments but mostly fun thank you!

He makes me feel you had a boy and a girl and he can’t believe how they have grown – he watches over them all the time and his blond girl is a stunner, she’ll break some hearts. Tell them I’m watching over them so best be on best behaviour he jokes. Seriously tho, well done I couldn’t have done it without you thanks. Now go have a great rest of your life and I’ll see you on the other side and yes I do choose the songs on the radio  and CD for you. Ha Ha Ha. All my love Daz (ps say hi to his brother)


With a very cheeky grin – just wanted to pop in and take every and any opportunity to say Hi and I love you all! X