Darrin Pitt (Joanne Pitt)

Oh right, so you picked me eh! Well not much to say really, yous all know what happened. I’m doing what I’m told now. Yeah and thanks for sending over the bossy one, you couldn’t of kept her a bit longer could ya!

He laughs, stop worrying we’re all OK, we’re good, misbehaving, he laughs but yeah we’re good. Life’s getting easier for you now isn’t it, we’re glad, it should be easier, you’ve done enough, time to relax a bit.

We’ll be sitting there at Christmas tho’ so make sure there’s enough food, he laughs again. OK (clears his throat) – Mum is fine. Pixxxd she’s dead (he’s laughing at me writing exactly what he’s saying) but yeah I’ve got her now, we’ll be right. So off you go back to your travelling and singing. Lololos.

Merry Christmas

From US XX